Psychic Development

What is psychic development and how does it differ from hypnosis?

Psychic development is the process by which one increases one or more of their latent abilities through any number of particular teachings, methods, and protocols. The abilities one can increase depends both on the individual as well as the methods being applied. The abilities in and of themselves would typically be deemed by many as being impossible or not real as they often defy rational or scientific explanation. Nonetheless they have been recorded throughout history with plenty of evidence for anyone to see.

Psychic development can be enhanced through hypnosis and often the abilities are observed in certain individuals while that person is in hypnosis. Psychic abilities can range from precognition, to telepathy, to remote viewing, astral projection, telekinesis, levitation, remote influencing, etc. For most people, psychic development is used to enhance intuition and increase the accuracy of snap judging, ie their first impressions and gut feelings.

Meditation, belief, energy psychology, visualization, and energy exercises are usually the best types of protocols to develop once psychic abilities. Most are used in conjunction with each other as well as individually. Different types of meditation are used at different times and for different purposes as are the other protocols and many times the protocols are used at the same time. For example a moving meditation uses a combination of energy exercises, visualization, and meditation. It enhances the mind, body, awareness, and energy bodies of the individual.

For more information on psychic development we recommend any books by Edgar Cayce.