About Us

We have over 40 years experience in Hypnosis, Psychic Development, Remote Viewing, and other related areas. Our aim is to promote the lesser-known areas of these disciplines so that people of all walks of life can use that knowledge to make positive changes.

We no longer see clients at our office as we have moved on to teaching, training, and supplying our information via various other methods that will impact more people than a one on one setting.

We believe in helping people through the gift of teaching people so that they can replicate the results that we get in a clinical setting for themselves. We definitely subscribe to the teach a man to fish theory versus just handing out a fish here and there. The skills and knowledge of how the human mind, psyche, and energy bodies work is something that each one of us can benefit through knowing and applying directly into our own lives the ways that we uniquely see fit.

Expand your mind and change your life for the better.