Nobody Knows Nothing


If you are a newbie to this material then here is a good place to start. It has to do with your beliefs and once you gain this simple lesson it will open a whole world of possibilities for you. What is it you say? Well has to do with the fact that nobody, and I mean nobody on the face of this planet actually knows anything. They of course will most certainly disagree with you so we recommend that you keep this to yourself.

You see human beings can’t really know reality the way it really exists because our limited brains can’t process it all. You and everyone you know is making sense of the world through their senses which are being filtered by their bodies and their brains and a big function of their bodies and brains is to filter out the noise or the information that is deemed not important.

So, in reality people can only respond to the filtered information that gets through and that information, is literally changed so that the individual can make sense of it and that means that the information is usually changed to fit the individuals current understandings and beliefs. One thing to keep in mind is that all beliefs are make believe. They are false in the sense that they are only the representations of partial pieces of filtered and changed information from the world around them.

So every time you see someone talking about something just know that they are really only talking about their beliefs and understandings which are never the truth as it really exists. Sure some people are closer to the truth than others but NO ONE really understands what is going on in any given moment the way it is really happening.

Just some food for thought.